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Small business websites

Our website designs are made to be viewed on tablets and mobile devices. 75% of the population now views websites on the go.

We design our websites with the user in mind. Our websites are easy to use and flow well.

Your customers wont feel the need to leave or go somewhere else because they can’t find the information they need.

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Complete online shops

Is your company currently selling products to the public? We can help you get your products discovered by the world.

Veritas Websites has built over 100 successful online stores for customers all over the world

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We are a Certified Google Partner

How do we rank our site to be at the top of searches? Everyone asks us this question. The answer is: there is no secret, there are only good practices. Here is what we follow for improving your ranking in Google search results:

  • Provide high quality content on your site. Google tries to find the best answer for our users’ requests; if you write the best material, you’re in the game.
  • Use the Search Analytics report to see which queries lead to your pages, and what the click-through rate is for links to your site.
  • Make your site mobile friendly. Many users search on mobile devices; our search results favor pages that we think answer the user’s request best with the best possible user experience on their platform.
  • Use informative titles and snippets. Good, clear titles and accurate meta tag descriptions help us understand the purpose of a page and generate useful snippets in our search results.
  • Add structured data to enable additional search result features such as stars, event information, or site search boxes, which add to the user experience, making your site more valuable to readers.

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